Our Values

Pharmaceutical Institute

 PHI Values

Strong values have been at the heart of our organization since our inception. They guide our actions on a daily basis and provide a common foundation for all our stakeholders.

Quality is our strategy

The PHI Quality System mangement is in accordance with :
• GMP Version 2014 / 1 Bis
• ISO 9001 V 2008 Guideline (certificate available here)
• GSK Global Quality Policies & GSK Quality Mangement System
• MSD Global Quality System Management
• MSD and MENARINI Quality SOPs
• Moroccan Laws and Decrees of the MOH (certificate available here)

The Executive summary of the latest Audit Ministry of Health, MSD, GSK and ANSM (France) emphasize that PHI :
• Has an effective quality capability , effective quality risk management and governance capability that is integrated into all site processes.
• Is able to identify, escalate and mitigate currently identified and future risks.
• Exhibits a High level of GMP compliance for the markets which they supply.
• Continues to be an approved contractor with:
– GSK Rating : 4 stars / 5 Stars.
– MSD Rating: Tier « I » which is the Top level in MSD Standard Rating.
– GMP by ANSM (France) on 2016 (certificate available here)

Safety of use of our medicine

PHI established at an early stage a medical department to ensure the safety of use and quality of information about our medicines.

Thus, a unit of pharmacovigilance in accordance with good pharmacovigilance practices, ensures the gathering and monitoring of possible adverse events notified by healthcare professionals with respect to our medicines.
The notified cases are transmitted to the national center of pharmacovigilance (CNPV) with which, we collaborate closely.
Further more, our medical visitors are trained on our internal pharmacovigilance procedure and they are aware of the interest of these notifications for the safety of our drugs.

Besides, The medical department ensures the relevance and the reliability of the information conveyed by our medical visitors on our medicines thanks to regular and updated medical training enabling our visitors to engage in a mode of relations respectful of the activity and rules of medical ethics.

Respect of environnement

When it comes to protecting the basic elements of life: water, air, land and climate, we impose high ecological standards, and commit ourselves to respect the laws and regulations in force of environment,health and safety.

A study of the impact of PHI unit on the environment of Ain Aouda was realized in January 1995, results of controls – all according to Moroccan standards – confirmed the cleanliness of our industrial zone, given the presence of all the criteria for environmental protection:

  • Liquid effluent from production is controlled before discharge and no discharge occurs in the groundwater.
  • Atmospheric releases are treated by a regularly qualified system, which has HEPA terminal filtration at the extraction level before rejection. These terminal filters are verified by a certified organization.
  • Solid discharges are carried out according to a precise procedure by (Pharmaceutical Waste Management) for :
    – Storage in dedicated premises,
    – Transport by a supplier company, and
    – Destruction by incineration, with certificate and report of destruction.
Security of our collaborators

We ensure the safety and health of our employees by applying rigorous safety standards. We have a health and safety Committee whose main task is to ensure the proper maintenance and good use of occupational risks protection devices and the application of legislative and regulatory requirements concerning hygiene and safety.

Thus, we educate our employees on health issues through a training plan, and all staff are committed to respect these ESH procedures.

Commitment to ethics and transparency

We are a responsible company, and we recognize the importance of transparency and its role in developing relationships of trust with our partners, especially with patients.
We conduct our business in a transparent and ethical manner, and this commitment applies to all of our activities, and we comply with all laws and regulations.

Corporate citizen and associative actor

Our mission has always been to improve access to medicines and quality care.

In addition, we associate ourselves with the various social efforts made by the state, such as the contribution to the functioning of the day center in favor of stabilized patients and elderly people suffering from mental and psychological illnesses, helping with medical care, Post-hospitalization and reintegration.

Also, PHI sponsors and participates actively the coverage of several medical caravans nationally, and associates with campaigns of sensitization and screening …

PHI-Attitude: a collective well-being at work

We favor a supportive environment and collective well-being at work is one of our priorities because the quality and strength of the commitment of each of our employees is essential to meet the challenges of the sector. Thus, we promote the valorisation and motivation of our employees with values of respect and openness.

Our corporate culture is based on excellence: the value of investment and personal contributions are recognized and the opportunities for development are real.