Our Engagement

Pharmaceutical Institute

 Our Engagement

The development of accessible generic medicines with the same quality standards as multinationals.

Objectives :

  • Universal access to generic drugs, particularly those against LONG-TERM ILLNESS (Cardiology, Psychiatry, …).
  • Universal access to Innovative medicines of the multinationals we represent.

Hardly of the high qualification of its industrial site (buildings(ships) and equipments), as well as its human resources, Pharmaceutical Institute launched since 2004 its own range of generic medicines manufactured to the same GMP standards as its multinational partners.

More than 20 products in various therapeutic areas: Cardiology, Psychiatry, Dermatology, Urology, Gastroenterology … some of which are the first generics of their class, such as ANGINIB, anti-hypertensive new generation (ARA II), VIGOREX erectile dysfunction Sildenafil), ARIPIPHI anti-psychotic of second generation. But also a full range of anti-cancer drugs represented under license from the MEDISPRAY laboratories.