Our Activities

Pharmaceutical Institute


Production and Distribution

60 % of the global business activity is concerned about the development of its own generic drugs manufactured locally.

We represent under different multinational companies (Manufacturing, Distribution and Promotion) :

  • 1990 : MENARINI (Ketum, Dicloberl, Glurenor, Lioton, Nebilet, …)
  • 1994 : MEDIX became Johnson & Johnson since2007 (Biafine, CicaBiafine, BB Biafine, Listerine, …)
  • 2001 : SCHERING PLOUGH became MSD since 2012 (Aerius, Celestene drops and tablets, Diprosone, Diprosalic)
  • 2002 : MEDISPRAY/CIPLA (Oncologic products)
  • 2008 : Reckitt Benckiser (Gaviscon, Strepsil, …)
  • 2012 : BIOTEST
  • 2013 : BBRAUN
  • 2015 : GALDERMA

Toll Manufacturing for GSK (Ventoline syrup, Betneval)

Lease a unit to GSK for effervescent drugs’production

Promoting MSD products (Respiratory, Rhumatology, Cardiology, endocrinology



Provided by SPPHI, subsidiary promotional company of PHI.

In 2016, the leaders of PHI wanted to discern between production and promotion, hence the birth of SP PHI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PHI.

The promotion activity is entirely carried out by SP PHI.


The different sites of PHI

Factory in Ain El Aouda

2 stores : one in Ain El Aouda and one in Casablanca

Offices for promotion in Rabat (Subsidiary of PHI)

Acquisition of a new factory in Casablanca (subsidiary of PHI)